The Wilco Marsh Runner is a tracked amphibious vehicle designed to work in Louisiana marshes and other marshes around the world.  The Wilco Marsh Runnerwhich is a brand new tool, is designed to go into small spaces and deep into the wetland. The Wilco Marsh Runner can go into places that are not accessible any other way.

The Wilco Marsh Runner is an innovative and flexible solution for working in the transition zone between land and water. No matter what type of job might bring you to the marsh, from installing utility lines to building pipelines, the Marsh Runner can take you and your co-workers where you need to go. It can carry up to six people comfortably and has multiple attachments to help get the job done. The amphibious vehicle comes with two attachments: the Roller Chopper and the Brush Cutter.

Roller Chopper Attachment

Wilco Marsh Buggies Roller Chopper Attachment

The Roller Chopper attachment is the perfect tool to flattening an chopping grass in wet and marshy areas. It can also be used for opening up overgrown waterfowl habitat. Furthermore, the roller chopper attachment can also create wet lines for controlled burns in marshes and swamps.  This attachment works best in areas where there is approximately 1 to 3 feet standing water. It’s drum has a plug on one end so you can add or remove water if additional weight is needed.

  • chopping width: 82 inches
  • overall width 92 inches

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Brush Cutter Attachment

The Brush Cutter attachment is the ideal tool for cutting grass, small trees and brush up to to 2.5 diameter in marshy or wet areas. It can cut 3.5 to 4 acres an hour depending on the terrain.

  • cutting width:  83 inches
  • overall width: 99.5 inches
  • adjustable cutting height: 2 to 6 inches

For more information visit: or check out the Youtube video to see the Brush Cutter attachment at work.

Wilco Manufacturing

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