amphibious equipment - What are the benefits of equipment that floats in water?

There are numerous benefits for equipment that floats on water.

Approximately 70% of the globe is covered in water, and about 97% of the water is in the Earth’s oceans. Living in the Metro New Orleans area, we are surrounded by Lake Pontchartrain, bayous, the Mississippi River, and many other waterways. With the reclamation programs of the Louisiana Gulf Coast and other levee projects, we can see firsthand the employment of hydraulic pontoon-style undercarriages that give buoyancy to and propel mechanical equipment on the waterway. These undercarriages take the equipment to places where the equipment would not ordinarily be able to travel.

Wilco fabricates each unit to exacting superior standards that exceeds industry standards.

Each unit of amphibious equipment is designed to withstand even the harshest of elements, including corrosion from saltwater, hostile terrains, as well as harsh weather systems. We design the industry’s most massive and balanced undercarriages available using the most durable and stable components available. If the required components are not available, we fabricate those components to meet our client’s specific needs. We manufacture each undercarriage to be custom-built for each piece of equipment, whether retrofitted or a new build. Engineered to meet the specifications of the weight that is required to be transported, we manufacture the amphibious undercarriage to deliver the least amount of ground pressure, the optimal turning and climbing capabilities, and the ultimate caliber of floatation achievable. Wilco Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which indicates the high standards to which we hold ourselves. Through obtaining this prestigious certification, it reinforces our continuing pledge to provide excellent products and services to all clients. In order to sustain our certification, internal audits are performed to safeguard compliance and to determine if initiatives are being taken to continually make improvements. It’s our goal to continuously excel and exceed our goals.

At Wilco Manufacturing and Wilco Marsh Buggies, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, most reliable amphibious equipment. With our 50 plus years of combined experience, rest assured when you receive your order, it will exceed your expectations.

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