Midge Invasion Not Over Yet

The midge fly invasion that started about a month ago is still plaguing parts of Orleans and Jefferson Parish. Hopes that Barry would get rid of the millions (maybe billions) of midge flies for us did not come to fruition.  These mosquito lookalikes are still blanketing cars coming across the Causeway. In some neighborhoods near the lake, these somewhat stinky bugs line door and window frames and if you are not careful they could end up in your house. The swarming flies are believed to be a result of extended river flooding of the Mississippi River, which has been flowing through the Bonnet Carre Spillway into Lake Pontchartrain.

What Are Midge Flies

Usually, you can find these small non-biting, but smelly bugs, in lakes and ponds. They are known by many common names including blind mosquito and fuzzy bill. These insects do not bite, suck blood, or carry disease like mosquitoes do, so they are more of a nuisance than anything. Experts say that the midge fly populations grow exponentially in water that is high in nutrients and bottom muck, and low in oxygen. There swarms ted to be worse in early and early fall.  At night they are attracted to lights around houses and businesses. This can make outdoor activities rather difficult since the tiny bugs  can be inhaled into the mouth and nose and get into eyes and ears.  Often swarms fly to cool shady areas & stain paint, stucco, roofs, and cars.

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