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Levee Construction

Have you ever wondered how the Levee is constructed?

Levee ConstructionIt is wonderful to live near water, except for when water is rising or a hurricane is forming in the gulf. In order to combat rising water and protect cities, we build levees. A levee is a natural or artificial wall that blocks water from flowing into lower lying areas. Levees can increase land for habitation or divert water to help fertilize areas for agriculture. They even prevent rivers, like the Mississippi, river from flooding surrounding cities. However, if a levee breaks, the consequences can be devastating like what happened to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

What are Levees made of?

Usually, levees are constructed from earth. Water will naturally push sediment to the side and create a natural levee. For example, the banks of rivers are slightly elevated compared to the river bed. The banks are formed from sediments, silt and other materials that are pushed to the river bank and run parallel along the river.

Levees can also be created artificially by building up soil, sand, and rocks on a leveled surface. In a bend or a stronger river flow, levees may be made of blocks of wood, plastic or even metal and can be reinforced with concrete.

When did man starting building levees?

As early as 2500, in the Indus Valley Civilization, people have used levees to protect their land and farms from river flooding. This helped civilizations to grow and proper through creating living space and cropland. Since the 18th century, levees have protected Louisiana and other nearby states from flooding by the Mississippi river.

What equipment is used to build levees?

Levees are built with a variety of machines from cranes to excavators. However, to construct a levee in marshlands or other soft terrains, it requires a unique type of construction machines called Amphibious Equipment. Amphibious Equipment is designed to work in wet, soft terrains with a unique pontoon construction with corrosion resistance, track chains, track shoes, and hydrostatic drive. Amphibious Equipment machines are very similar to cranes, excavators, Digger Derricks, and personnel carriers that you see on hard land, except that they are designed to withstand and function well in the difficult wet climates.

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