• wetland reclamation

Wetland Reclamation Around The World

WETLAND RECLAMATION AROUND THE WORLD Wetland reclamation is a worldwide phenomenon due to the need f [...]


The Importance of Coastal Restoration

Coastal erosion has occurred on the Louisiana Gulf Coast between 1932 and 2010 resulting in approxim [...]

  • Levee Construction

Levee Construction

Have you ever wondered how the Levee is constructed? It is wonderful to live near water, except for [...]

Nutria Consuming Wetlands

Louisiana and other US coastal states are developing plans to save the wetlands from coastal erosion [...]

Amphibious Equipment in Soft Terrains

Do you have projects in soft terrain environments? Soft Terrains are one of the most difficult envir [...]

Dredging with Amphibious Equipment

What is Dredging? Dredging is the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, [...]

What is an Amphibious vehicle?

What is an Amphibious vehicle? Apart from the distinction in sizes, two main categories of amphibiou [...]

How Amphibious Equipment can help

The environmental and economic consequences of coastal erosion in Louisiana are significant. Barrie [...]

The History of Amphibious vehicles

Some of the earliest known amphibious vehicles were amphibious carriages, the invention of which is [...]