Hurricane’s In The United States Gulf Coast

Hurricane Preparedness & Damage ControlSandbagging and reinforcing levees are paramount in hurricane preparedness for the Gulf Coast communities during hurricane season. Barrier islands and native plants, such as Roseau Cane and Palmetto groves, have provided naturally occurring surge protection in the past. With the depletion of these barriers for surge protection as our coastline disappears, it makes our communities extremely vulnerable to surging waters as a hurricane travels through or to the near east of us. As the bands rotate counter-clockwise around the eye of the storm, the strong winds push the water inland causing flooding in under-protected areas. In these lower lying areas, flooding causes more property damage than the high winds of a major hurricane. Approximately $19 billion in property damages were incurred during the 2016 hurricane season. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were a total of 78.25 named storm days and 26.25 hurricane days that occurred in 2016, making it the most named storm days in an individual Atlantic hurricane season since 2012. Also, the last major hurricane to make landfall was Wilma in 2005, so as of the 2016 hurricane season, it makes 11 years since the last landfall of a Category 3 or higher. Since 1851, when storm records started being recorded, there has never been another 11 year period recorded without a major hurricane landfall.

Wilco Manufacturing’s Amphibious Equipment

Wilco Manufacturing’s amphibious equipment is instrumental in reaching areas where sandbagging is required and levees have been breached. The pontoon construction of the undercarriages and drive-train tracks takes these vehicles over hard terrain, through soft terrain, to reach land masses unattainable by other vehicles, making them the right choice for hurricane preparedness and damage control.

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