Wilco Manufacturing Amphibious Hydraulic UndercarriageWilco is a leading manufacturer, in the global marketplace, of amphibious hydraulic undercarriages, with a pontoon design that supports hydraulic excavators as well as a wide range of equipment. The payload on these specially designed undercarriages ranges from a few tons to up to 30 tons. In most applications, the hydraulics of the excavator is used to propel the undercarriage. There’s also a complete line of self-propelled, amphibious hydraulic undercarriages which supports cranes as well as other equipment used in heavy lifting, ditchers, and any kind of equipment which requires a self-propelled amphibious hydraulic undercarriage. Our services include the fabrication of amphibious hydraulic undercarriages for hydraulic excavators, also the design and construction of amphibious hydraulic undercarriages. We carry a large inventory of in-stock parts which are newly manufactured original parts, available for immediate delivery. Also, we can fabricate any part that is not in our inventory.

As the supporting structure of various equipment, the amphibious hydraulic undercarriage plays multiple supporting roles. If it is outfitted with a ditcher, it will serve as an integral piece of equipment in mosquito control as well as digging trenches to lay pipeline, for example. With the amphibious hydraulic undercarriage, it can traverse terrain that is marshy and boggy, where a traditional ditcher is unable to tread. Likewise, if outfitted with a large crane, the crane can operate on a variety of terrains, which is ideal for construction jobs that have numerous terrains to traverse. In South Louisiana, you do not have to travel far to move from solid ground into a marsh or swamp.

At Wilco Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, most reliable amphibious equipment. With our 50 plus years of combined experience, rest assured when you receive your order, it will exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more about our replacement parts service by calling Toll Free at (877) 311-0727 or by calling us at +1 (337) 233-3511. Contact our Sales/Office Manager, Marilyn Fulton, at marilyn@wilcomanufacturing.com; General Manager, Lanny Chaisson, at lanny@wilcomanufacturing.com; Parts Manager, Jake Broussard , at jake@wilcomanufacturing.com; Purchasing, Sales & Used Equipment, Brent Wilson, at bwilson@wilcomarshbuggies.com. Land or sea, we can get the job done!