Amphibious Excavator 3300F LFAt Wilco Manufacturing, we offer a wide variety of amphibious excavators. Our machines are designed with your project in mind. Our excavators have been used in pipeline construction, land reclamation and development, dredging, environmental clean up, levee and wet lands reclamation, power line construction, storage pit maintenance and any other work requiring amphibious equipment all over the world. Other applications include: disaster recovery, hurricane debris removal, marsh firefighting, highway construction clearing and phone and cable lines burying transportation. Today, we will take a closer look at Amphibious Excavator Model 3300F LF.

What You Need To Know About The Amphibious Excavator 3300F LF

Amphibious Excavator 3300F LFThe Amphibious Excavator Model 3300F LF has an amphibious hydraulic undercarriage (Model: WMB50603220CR). The pontoon is made with a high-strength, low alloy, weathering A606-4 steel plate. This steel has 5 to 8 times the atmospheric corrosion resistance and 20% more tensile strength than similar size A36 structural plate steel. Each pontoon has 5 bulkheads, providing 6 independent watertight compartments. The bottoms of the pontoons are reinforced for rough terrain operations. Three strands of specially designed, heavy duty, 5 inch pitch marsh buggy track chain are installed on each pontoon. Power for the pontoon tracks is provided by the CAT® 330F excavator’s diesel engine and main hydraulic pumps through the CAT® 330F hydraulic swivel. Wilco’s specially designed carbody is built to accept the CAT® 330F excavator upper, which makes assembly and disassembly faster and easier. The Amphibious Excavator 3300F LF is 13 ft. tall,  20 ft. wide and has a transport weight of approximately 81,150 lb.. The machine comes equipped with a 29” wide, 0.70 yd3 bucket. Its travel speed is 1.7 mph. The empty counterweight housing has been converted into an auxiliary fuel tank that can hold approximately 300 gallons.

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