A Superior Manufacturer of Amphibious Equipment

//A Superior Manufacturer of Amphibious Equipment

A Superior Manufacturer of Amphibious Equipment


Wilco Manufacturing has become synonymous worldwide with excellence for the high standard of quality built into each piece of amphibious equipment. We build our equipment to withstand the rigors they go through: unforgiving terrain, extreme weather conditions, and the corrosive effects of salt water. We engineer the largest and most stable undercarriages available using the strongest and most reliable components in the world. Our undercarriages are customized for each piece of equipment so they can provide the best amphibious stability and balance. Determined by the specifications of the excavator or the weight that is needed to be transported, we specially select the amphibious undercarriage to supply the lowest ground pressure, the best turning and climbing ability, and the highest degree of floatation possible.

With over 50 years of combined experience, you can be assured that you will receive a product that exceeds your satisfaction.

In the fabrication of the Wilco pontoons, high-strength, low alloy, weathering steel plate is used. This steel has 5 to 8 times the atmospheric corrosion resistance and 20% more tensile strength than similar size structural plate steel. Each pontoon has 5 bulkheads, providing 6 watertight compartments. The bottoms of the pontoons are reinforced for rough terrain operations. Two strands of specially designed, heavy duty, 4 inch pitch marsh buggy track chain are installed on each pontoon. The hardened track chain rollers run in pontoon channels lined with an abrasive resistant Hardox wear bar. Drive and idler shaft sprockets are flame hardened to match the hardness of the track chain rollers. High strength, heavy-duty offset drive chain is used to transfer power from the drive gear boxes to the drive shaft sprocket on each track. Specially designed marine grade, aluminum alloy cleats and wear pads are capable of supporting the pontoon and its payload. The carbody is engineered to support up to a 16,000 pound upper structure.

To learn more about our amphibious equipment, call Toll Free at (877) 311-0727 or call us locally at (337) 233-3511. Contact our Sales/Office Manager, Marilyn Fulton, at marilyn@wilcomanufacturing.com. Land or sea, we can get the job done!

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