The Louisiana wetlands are under attack by the nutria, a rodent which can weigh up to 35 to 37  lb  and  grow up to 4 feet long. Nutria eat plants and grass. Right now the animal causes a lot of damage to wetland growth. Originally, the species was brought to the state from South America for their fur.

A Little History Of Nutria In Louisiana

Starting in the in the 1930’s, nutria were raised in Louisiana with the support of the Department of Conservation. The businessmen and the department wanted to  enhance the existing fur stocks. Nutrias are larger than muskrats which means manufacturers had  more options in terms of use. That’s why nutria pelts received higher asking prices than muskrats.

However, some nutria were able to escape from their fur farms . When the fur trade collapsed, some fur farmers also released the invasive species and in the 1940’s some nutria escaped during a hurricane. They quickly populated Louisiana’s swamps and coastal marshes.  This led to a competition between the muskrat and the nutria and the nutria became the dominant species. The nutria are now speeding up the effects of coastal erosion.

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A Major Threat To Our Environment

Nutrias love making tunnels  (burrowing) that’s how they weaken drainage canals and levees in Louisiana. They also cause extensive damage to marsh vegetation since they tend to eat not just the leaves, but the entire plants. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries estimates that nutria currently impact approximately 6,008 acres of wetlands. The department issues permits to hunt nutria and will even pay permit holders $5 per nutria tail.To learn more about the program and apply for a permit click here:

The Marsh Runner Can Help

Wilco Marsh Runner in SwampIn order to help rebuild the wetlands lost to natural disasters, coastal erosion and even nutria, Wilco Manufacturing provides the best equipment to help repair the wetlands. Not just any equipment can work in the harsh and difficult wet terrain in a wetland. Wilco Manufacturing has amphibious equipment that are designed to work well in the wetlands like the Marsh Runner.  The Marsh runner is an amphibious vehicle designed to work in Louisiana’s and other marshes around the world.  It is a brand new tool designed to go into small spaces and deep into the wetland. We are talking about places that are not accessible any other way.

The Wilco Marsh Runner is an innovative and flexible solution for working in the transition zone between land and water. No matter what type of job might bring you to the marsh, from installing utility lines to building pipelines, the Marsh Runner can take you and your co-workers where you need to go. It can carry up to six people comfortably and has multiple attachments to help get the job done.

Wilco Manufacturing

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